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Welcome to SMP under COVID-19 restrictions!

Welcome to SMP under COVID-19 restrictions!

As you can appreciate, we have had to completely shut down all our Spring plans for live theatre due to safety concerns related to the pandemic. Indeed we were in rehearsals for a fabulous production of "Circle Mirror Transformation", as well as a Youth production ("Wizard of Oz") that had both casts and crews all fired up, so as you can imagine, we were devastated at having to come to a complete and utter stop. It is not safe to rehearse, nor perform.

As restrictions ease, bit by bit, we are encouraged that the day might come soon when we can resume our theatrical productions under something like normal conditions. Unfortunately we haven't reached that time yet, nor can we predict what the summer or autumn will bring.

As a community theatre with a 25-year history of entertaining audiences here on the North Shore, we take delight in mounting the very best productions our skill and imaginations can create, while also continuing to develop and mentor artistically-inclined youth. The collaborative nature of theatre, relying equally on everyone from those in the sound and lighting booth, to costumers, props, music, make-up, actors on stage, producers, stage managers and directors - each doing their part - this is what creates the magic that is live theatre.

And we miss it, terribly.

We miss seeing other plays, we miss the friendly competition of Theatre BC's North Shore Zone Festival of Plays, we miss having you the audience bring our theatrical house alive, and we miss the ephemeral magic of creating memorable, difficult, joyful art.

We are very appreciative that you have come here to check on things SMP. We're planning for the future, and look forward to seeing you in the audience again, laughing, booing, cheering, and stomping your feet!

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SMP is a community theatre group which operates out of St Martin's Parish Hall in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We produce a pantomime each January to spice up the post-holiday doldrums, a production put on by SMP members under the age of 17 (and mentored by more 'seasoned' members) in May, and other occasional comedy productions (Fawlty Towers in 2010, Little Grimley in 2014). We welcome new members who’d like to venture into theatre, whether on stage or as part of the production crews, and we strive always to have fun!