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SPACE The Pantomime 2015

A pantomime based on "Watch This Space" by TLC Creative

Directed by Peter Bond
Assistant Directed by Ian Sigurdsson
Co-Produced by Denise Blackwell & Jennifer Swanston

The Story

A long time ago, in a pantomime far, far away... The distant Star System of Nonamia is held in the iron grip of the wicked Queen Evilena. This vain and preening monarch has taken a dislike to her stepdaughter - the beautiful Princess Starlight - and instructs her Henchman, the sinister Dark Crater, to dispose of the teen! Who can save her? Perhaps a young Jedi, the crew of the Starship USS Compromise, and an assortment of robots can help?

SPACE The Pantomime is a sci-fi show in the style of Star Wars and Star Trek that follows the traditional story of Snow White. May the Farce be with you!