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Ghostchasers 2014

When there's something strange, in the Asylum's hood - who 'ya gonna call? GHOSTCHASERS!

An electrical storm forces Harriet Hollyhock's plane to land in Hangtown. What better time to visit her famous cousin, Dr. Horace Roy, who just happens to operate the local Asylum for Extremely Tense People!? Things are hysterical at the asylum, an earthquake jolt has freed a poltergeist creating dangerous mischief. Not to mention the zombie! What can Harriet suggest? Call the Ghostchasers!

The Ghostchasers are led by Honcho, who is loaded with an arsenal of kooky weapons and ideas. If the nasty ghost wasn't trouble enough there's a plot twist you won't believe. Come and join us for a hysterical frolic through the zaniest asylum in town.