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Frankenstein The Musical

It is a dark and stormy night when a father tells his son the story of Dr. Frankenstein, the man who made a monster! We learn that Frankenstein abandons this creature, who roams the village graveyard and befriends a young boy named Willie Lang. The local Villagers, led by the rabble rouser Frau Gribble, are whipped into a frenzy and go in search of "the Monster" whom they believe has kidnapped Willie.

Dr. Frankenstein is visited in his lab by the maddest of all mad scientists, the whimsical Dr. Vikarious, who talks Frankenstein into creating a female creature so they can breed a race of man-made super-beings that Vikarious can control and thereby rule the world. His needs are small. Come join us for this musical comedy... you'll laugh, you’ll sing along with our talented cast, and you might just leave speaking in a cheesy German accent.

Download the program by clicking here.


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