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Beauty & The Beast 2016

Belle, a beauty in the village of Provincial Town in Faraway Land, is a bookworm - when she’s not sharing her passion by reading to underprivileged urchins, she’s discovering fantastic new worlds before bedtime.

The Beast (or Prince Adam, as he was once called) has been cursed by Evil Witch Snarglefargus for his beastly manner. He needs to find love and have that love returned (and soon!) or he will stay in his overly large, furry form for all time. This is the story of how these two social outcasts find each other and how they discover something in each other they didn’t even know existed themselves...

...but can they learn to love one another before the beast’s time runs out? We shall see…

Oh yeah! There’s also a dashing jackass, a mad-inventor dame, a horse, furniture that speaks, and an enchanted rose!


Photography coming soon!