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SMP Awards

View photos of our awards that we have received over the years of presenting our productions to the public.

May 2014

Little Grimley closed, but not before gaining critical acclaim at the Theatre BC’s North Shore Zone Festival of Plays including these awards from David MacKay, Festival Adjudicator:

  1. SMP was declared winner: Best Ensemble.
  2. The prestigious "Unsung Hero Award" in memory of Jim Brick was awarded to SMP’s Peter and Valerie Isaac for longstanding service with many North Shore theatre groups.
  3. Peter Isaac also garnered "Best Sound" for his Little Grimley soundscape.
  4. Judy Levitt was given an Honorable Mention for Best Actor, Female for her portrayal of Margaret.
  5. Martin Stuible was awarded the newly-minted “Rob Ford Award for Outstanding Substance Abuse (Bananas)” (Really!) given by Master of Ceremonies Darien Edgeler.

North Shore Zone Festival Awards for "Fawlty Towers" (May 2011)

Receiving the "Backstage Co-operation" award

Howard Dallimore receiving the "In Your Face" award

Not shown - People's Choice award for "Outstanding Set Design"