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Rapunzel, The Pantomime - Coming 2020

Yes, it is that time again. We are excited to announce that the 2020 SMP Dramatic Society Pantomime will be Rapunzel, The Pantomime.

In this hair-raising adventure, the evil witch Gothel has kidnapped Rapunzel, locking her in a tower for sixteen long years.  Dame Trixie Bouffant, Rapunzel's mother and the village hairdresser, has not given up hope that one day her daughter will return, and help comes from an unlikely source.  The king, who has tired of Prince Frederick’s immature ways banishes him from the kingdom, telling him not to return until he proves his worth as the “hair” to the throne.  The prince leaves, accompanied by Rapunzel's brother Frankie, his trusty valet, and this sets off a series of hil-hair-ious events as they stumble upon the tower, rescue Rapunzel and return to the palace.  Their proud moment is short lived, however, as Gothel and her dimwitted henchman, Curly and Bob, suddenly appear and steal her back.  Will love or evil win out as Dame Trixie, Prince Frederick, Frankie and a host of other characters rush to free Rapunzel once and for all? 

Join us in this traditional British pantomime, filled with action, gags, music, dancing and adventure.  Ian Sigurdsson will be directing and Corey Hollett will be assisting.  Grant Ritchey is the producer. 

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets are now sale for Rapunzel, The Pantomime - Coming January 2020! Review your ticket options by clicking below:


For more information, please follow the links to the current production or tickets pages.

Circle Mirror Transformation

Company: SMP Dramatic Society

Playwright: Annie Baker

Director: Kayt Roth

Producer: Grant Ritchey

Audition Dates: January 19 and 20 (7:00pm), Callbacks January 28

Audition Venue: Silver Harbour Seniors Centre, North Vancouver

Performance Dates: April 22-25, One Performance at the Theatre BC, North Shore Zone Festival of Plays running from May 4-9.

Performance Venue: April dates: Hendry Hall, North Vancouver
May Date: Presentation House, North Vancouver

Audition Requirements:

Cold readings from sides. Bring headshot and resume.


Marty (F 45-60) – the instructor of the adult drama class is equal parts down-to-earth and touchy-feely-new-age, with a passion for theatre and helping others that is tangible.

James (M 50-65) – Marty’s husband, a lifelong hippie and college professor of economics who is reluctantly participating in the class.

Schultz (M 35-50) – a carpenter, and vulnerable divorcee, a bit needy and trying to find his path and his footing in this newly single world.

Theresa (F 30-45) – a former Broadway actress who has just moved to this small town; outgoing, flirtatious, lost; positive energy is a cover up for the undercurrent of pain; a little out of touch.

Lauren (F able to play 16-17) – socially a bit awkward, a bit dark, reclusive and shy; has created a tough exterior which belies an inner kindness.


In a small Vermont town, five strangers embark together on a six week journey in a creative drama class for adults. Each week, as Marty leads them through a few seemingly trivial games, quiet wars are waged, bonds are formed and broken, emotional wounds are nursed, and healing is finally, slowly, able to begin. A beautifully crafted diorama, a petri dish in which we see, with hilarious detail and clarity, the antic sadness of a motley quintet.

The roles of Schultz and Theresa must be comfortable with onstage kissing. Theresa must be able to hula hoop. All actors must be able to comfortably get down on the floor and up again.

This is a non-equity, volunteer production.

SMP Youth Production 2020 is: The Wizard of Oz

Mandatory Parent Meeting: Sunday Jan 12, 1-2 pm at St Martin’s Anglican Church (195 East Windsor) downstairs in the “green” room (meeting room beneath the church).

Auditions: At Silver Harbour Seniors Centre (144 22nd St E) on Sunday Jan 26, 12:40- 6:40 or Monday Jan 27 5:40 - 740pm. Sign up at the Parent Meeting for a 10 minute slot.

Rehearsals: Sundays 4-6pm and Mondays 630-830pm starting Feb 3. There are no rehearsals during spring break or Easter Long weekend but there are rehearsals on March 29 and April 13).

Production dates: May 1 and 2 (note: the kids will miss school on the Friday to perform a matinee show).

We look forward to meeting you and providing you with additional information at the meeting on Sunday Jan 12.

Rachel Gawenda (Director), Adam Ritchey (Mentor Director), and Jen Howarth (Producer)

Find us here:

Facebook: SMP Dramatic Society
Instagram: @smpdramatics

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SMP Dramatic Society

SMP is a community theatre group which operates out of St Martin's Parish Hall in North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. We produce a pantomime each January to spice up the post-holiday doldrums, a production put on by SMP members under the age of 17 (and mentored by more 'seasoned' members) in May, and other occasional comedy productions (Fawlty Towers in 2010, Little Grimley in 2014). We welcome new members who’d like to venture into theatre, whether on stage or as part of the production crews, and we strive always to have fun!