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Getting Involved with SMP

How can you get involved? Where is your passion: is it on stage, working behind the scenes, or with the Youth Production?

On Stage

We welcome new members to SMP Dramatic Society, a community theatre group. We strive to deliver the best show while having the most fun doing it.

We usually hold auditions in June or September. We rehearse weekly on Monday evenings. If you’d like to join our group, please click here.

Behind the Scenes

Mounting a major production takes an incredible amount of backstage work. If you have technical skills or would like to learn and be mentored, consider joining SMP Dramatic Society. You’ll find us a welcoming, fun group.

Various aspects of the production team have different timetables. For example, set painting and construction start early in September. Music, choreography and properties (props) start in October. Sound effects follows after that. Costumes are decided upon in November, and this is the time media liaison gets busy. Our rehearsal space is transformed into our performance space in December, so lighting begins in earnest then. Finally, during the actual run in January, backstage, lighting, and make-up crews are busy. All volunteers must become members of our Society. If you’d like to join our group, please click here.

Youth Production

Each year we also mount a youth production that is mentored and facilitated by senior members of SMP, but is otherwise run by and for youth, with proceeds donated to charity. With a weekend run in April or May, our group holds auditions in February or March for its youthful cast; rehearsals are Sunday afternoons, with a concerted push the week prior to Opening Night.

All positions of responsibility are filled by experienced teen-aged members of SMP Youth ­- including Producer, Director, Stage Manager, Publicist, Make-Up, etc.. This unique youth-oriented approach fosters independence, reliability, artistic vision and leadership skills. All participants must first become members of our Society.

Each young actor is also asked to take on a technical role, according to his or her interests and abilities. Live theatre offers so many outlets for creativity in addition to acting! This includes props-making, scene painting, poster design, make-up, etc.. If you or your child would like to join our group, please click here.